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Earthizenz Eco-Friendly Systems, designs village specific combinations of various components of a wastewater treatment system as also the combinations of Sewerage systems to be followed [Gravity Sewerage (Simplified) or Settled Sewerage or a combination of both]. They also Design appropriate combination of modules of the Decentralized Wastewater System for preliminary, Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Treatments.Earthizenz Eco-Friendly Systems, advise us on village specific combinations of various components of a wastewater treatment system as also the combinations of Sewerage systems to be followed [Gravity Sewerage (Simplified) or Settled Sewerage or a combination of both].

Baj Dairy Farm, Village Phiddey, District Ferozepur

The Pure Milk

Baj Dairy Farm brings pure cow’s milk (untouched by human hands) to you using eco-friendly technological practices. Baj Dairy Farm produces pure, nutritious, better tasting milk that is free of hormones and antibiotics.
Baj Dairy Farm is in the vicinity of Lalji Farms which is where we grow nutritious pesticide free fodder for our cows. Very strict environmental standards are observed at our farm. Baj Dairy Farm itself excels with better dairy management practices like modern cattle sheds, feeding alleys, mechanized feeding techniques, and hands free milking technology in addition to hygienic hand free milk storage.

Baj Dairy Farm is proud to deliver its consumers healthy, clean, pure and safe milk through standardized milk vans. Every sip of 4N+Premium Milk is guaranteed to have the best of purity, hygiene & quality.

Baj Dairy Farm works to give training and guidance in villages to help others set up:-
a. Organic cattle feed
b. Organic vegetables
c. 4N+ Premium Milk production

We ensure:-


Natural Milk  100% pure cow’s milk
Novel Milk  Farm fresh instantly chilled.
Nutritious Milk  Rich source of nutrients. It is wholesome food.
Non-Toxic Milk Free from hormones (oxytocin) and antibiotics
Our Goal: To deliver our consumers healthy, clean, nutritious and safe milk
and to help others set up such facilities.Office: 2759, Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana (Pb.) Mobile: 99154-51919
Farm: Village Phiddey, Director GS Kang 98150-65559
Coordinator Abby Kang: 81460-65222

AVI Norway

Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS)

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Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic Collge (GNDP) Ludhiana

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Sewa Privartan Munch, Moga

MISSION: In our Country approximately 75% population lives in villages, where 60% is directly and 15% is indirectly dependent on Agriculture. Furthermore there is very low literacy level which results in exploitation especially ‘social’ and ‘economic’. We are ashamed to realize that every year there are couple of thousands of farmers committing suicide, despite the fact that this community is admittedly the back bone of our Democracy. Our Mission is to empower this strata of society with enough knowledge to manage their lives with ‘self respect’ and ‘security’ resulting in strengthening them economically. The relevant tools like Punchayati Raj Act, Right to Information Act and Right to Service Act etc. have already been provided by our constitution. We are planning to involve ‘informed’ citizenry who strongly are propagators of:-


Mehar Baba Charitable Trust (MBCT)

Mehar Baba Charitable Trust (MBCT) is a registered nonprofit organization (reg. No. 3568) formed on 16th Sept 1998 is empowering rural women and providing Medi-care, Edu-care, and Socio-care services by serving the population base of 2,09,339 underprivileged living in 186 villages in district Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, India.
The Trust’s vision is to bridge the Urban-Rural gap in education, medicare, employment opportunities and to support children of parents below the poverty line in Punjab. MBCT develops women and youth through skills & computer training, health care, social awareness and much more.
MBCT is dedicated to empowering women in rural areas by making them independent and knowledgeable entrepreneurs and preserving a rich heritage. The women become breadwinners. This is achieved through vocational training, computer studies and spoken English programs. Women are trained in a marketable skill such as Garment Making, Phulkari Craft, Machine Embroidery, Aari Zardozi Embroidery and Rug Making. Already more than 500 women are in gainful employment working from their homes and in local boutiques, and few enterprising women have started their own garment boutiques. Some women have formed Self Help Groups to produce Phulkari Garments & imparting training to women.